You cannot go one more day without watching WGI Zone


On March 31, WGI launched a new video streaming service to radically change the way fans access performance videos. The free service certainly has not disappointed thus far, and after hours of … um … research, we can honestly say that this is probably the best thing to happen to the indoor activity since amplification was introduced.

In a June 2014 interview, marching percussion luminary Mike McIntosh reflected that YouTube had done more to advance the marching arts than anything else in history. At the time, he was simply speaking of lot videos and uploads of individuals showing off their talent in their back yard. However, his statement may turn out to be more true than even he knew.

WGI Zone is built off of YouTube. In fact, one could bypass and head straight to to soak up all of juicy WGI goodness now available for free to the masses.

With unlimited access to finals videos from the 2014 WGI season, and with the promise of more historical content to come, the activity may yet be on the verge of a significant surge. As the marketplace of ideas, and infrastructure to share those ideas expands, a new generation of designers and performers will be effected. Who knows. Perhaps we are standing on the brink of an indoor renaissance.

Are we overstating things a little … probably. Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, you cannot go one more day without watching WGI Zone. Here, we’ll give you a little jump start. Check out these WGI finals videos from 2014.

Pulse Percussion – 96.812 – 1st Place

Music City Mystique – 96.588 – 2nd Place

Rhythm X – 96.113 – 3rd Place

Riverside Community College – 94.388 – 4th Place

Gateway Indoor – 92.675 – 5th Place

Matrix – 92.388 – 6th Place

Infinity – 91.612 – 7th Place

Atlanta Quest – 90.250 – 8th Place

Vanguard – 89.238 – 9th Place

POW Percussion – 88.975 – 10th Place

United Percussion – 87.312 – 11th Place

STRYKE Percussion – 86.262 – 12th Place

NorthCoast Academy – 85.825 – 13th Place

Orange County Independent Percussion – 84.150 – 14 Place

OC Indoor – 83.462 – 15th Place

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