ON TOUR: SCV – California Tour

This post originally appeared on the Santa Clara Vanguard blog and has been re-posted as part of Marchingbuzz’s “ON TOUR” series.

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of travel and excitement for SCV as we proudly debuted our 2015 program, “The Spark of Invention,” to eager audiences across our home state of California.

It all started at Sierra High School in Tollhouse, CA, where we set up camp for one last week of spring training. Although it may have been easy to coast through to the end of pre-tour, the members worked hard, giving added effort to be sure our final product was polished and clean. After much anticipation we also unveiled our new uniforms and guard costumes, a look that provides a fresh spin on the tradition and class of our organization. We would once again like to thank Stanbury Uniforms and A Wish Come True for making us look great!


Our debut performance in Fresno on Friday, June 19, was met with outstanding response from the both the judges and the audience. We took second place at the MidCal Champions Showcase with a score of 70.60 and placed first in the percussion sub-caption. The next day was DCI West, our first big stadium show of the season. We spent the morning rehearsing in the massive Stanford Stadium before getting cleaned up for the BBQ standstill performance.

After the standstill, members and staff enjoyed a delicious dinner in great company with current and past members of the west coast corps. Our performance that night was powerful and packed with energy, earning us second place with a score of 71.90. The Percussion and Colorguard sections both performed very well and came out on top in their respective captions. The following evening in Sacramento, the corps took second place again with a score of 73.35 at the Moonlight Classic.



On Monday, June 22, we found our way back home to Santa Clara, CA for Family Day and our home show! After spending nearly five weeks on the road, it was nice to be back on familiar ground, and we were happy to be sharing a housing site with our open class counterparts, the Vanguard Cadets. The morning started off with pictures and a short rehearsal before lunch. Later, everyone gathered in the stadium as the Vanguard Cadets took to the field to deliver their 2015 program, “On Cloud Nine.” Next, it was our turn to perform for them. With all the cheerful support from both corps, it’s moments like these that are a great reminder of the love and support that flows through our organization. At Pacific Procession that night, the Vanguard Cadets took second place in the open class division with a score of 58.70 and we placed first in world class competition with a score of 74.90.


After four consecutive show days, it was time for a much-deserved free day in San Francisco! Busses rolled out of Santa Clara High School early Tuesday morning and the corps split up by section to go do laundry. After everyone had replenished their stock of clean clothes, we set off for Pier 39 and the Corps set off to explore and unwind in “The City by the Bay.” Our next stop was Atascadero, CA where we spent two full days rehearsing and refining “The Spark of Invention.” After receiving feedback from the judges and examining our own performance, we worked to improve the weaker facets of our production.

We came off these rehearsal days better than ever, ready to perform and hit the field once again. On Friday, June 26, we arrived in Oceanside, CA and spent the day rehearsing for the Corps at the Crest San Diego contest that night. Our score jumped considerably with the corps earning a 75.95 and placing first. The next evening we had the great opportunity to perform at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA for Corps at the Crest Los Angeles. We always perform best in large stadiums, and the crowd went wild with excitement as we were announced in second place with a score of 77.50. Our latest show was Western Corps Connection in Riverside, CA where we placed second with a score of 78.65.


Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and it is time to say goodbye to our lovely home state of California. However, we are very excited to make our way east and bring “The Spark of Invention” to audiences across the United States. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@SCVanguard), and like us on Facebook to get more updates from the road as we continue our 2015 season!

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