Success Kid has had your back. Now, his dad needs your help.

(Image credit: Laney Griner)

(Image credit: Laney Griner)

You may not know him by his true name, but Sammy Griner has been there when you needed him most. The “Success Kid” first graced the interwebs almost eight years ago and many a marching meme emerged to help you express yourself when mere words were not enough.

Like that time you almost went through withdrawal.

Or that time you caught a lucky break.

Or when you found true happiness after hitting your first dot.

Success Kid was always there for you when you needed him, and now he needs your help.

Sammy’s father, Justin Griner, has been battling kidney disease since 2006 and needs a kidney transplant. Justin’s wife, Laney, told the Daily Dot  that he experienced full kidney failure in 2009. Now, at age 39, Justin is on kidney dialysis 12 hours a week, and a kidney transplant is the only option.

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So, Laney created a GoFundMe page to raise funds to cover the remainder of the cost of the kidney transplant and pre-treatment not covered by Medicare. At the time of this writing, Laney’s campaign for “Success Dad’ had raised more than $76,000 in six days.

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Go here to help them out today.

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