How Promark is saving the environment by cutting down trees

In a partnership with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Promark is making a push to save the environment by cutting down trees.

That sounds counter intuitive, but according to a video released by the stick manufacturer, Promark is planting five trees for every one it cuts down to produce sticks and mallets.

“After we acquired Promark, it quickly dawned on me that we were cutting down a lot of trees,” said D’Addario CEO Jim D’Addario. “Making drumsticks out of trees without replanting was something that didn’t sit well with me.”

So D’Addario and his team created a new 5-to-1 reforestation initiative to not only replace what Promark harvests to make thousands of sticks and mallets, but actually increase the tree population over time.

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“It’s part of the DNA of our family and company culture to be socially responsible and manufacture responsibly,” said D’Addario.

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