The Company crowned 2014 DCE Champions (Video)


In a thrilling come-from-behind victory, The Company from Barnsley, South Yorkshire in the UK snatched the 2014 Drum Corps Europe championships. After prelims, the corps sat behind Jubal and Kidsgrove Scouts in third place, but surged during finals to capture the title, posting an 89.95 point mark.

Check out this full video of the corps’ finals performance.

2,500 attended Saturday’s event. DCE reports that those in the audience witnessed a series of breakout performances unlike anything seen from European corps in years past. Here’s the final standings.

  1. The Company (89.95)
  2. Kidsgrove Scouts (89.10)
  3. Jubal (87.85)
  4. Juliana (84.55)
  5. Beatrix (82.85)
  6. Black Knights (80.50)
  7. Starriders (76.30)
  8. Spirit of 52 (73.50)
  9. The Vikings (69.60)
  10. Heartliner (68.00)

Caption Awards: High Visual: Jubal, High Auxiliary: Beatrix, High Percussion: The Company, High Field Music: The Company, High Music: The Company, High Effect: The Company & Kidsgrove Scouts, High Front Ensemble: The Company.

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