DCI Power List – World Championships Primer


Carolina Crown regains the lead in our final DCI Power List, thanks to a strong show on Monday. A well timed rehearsal break by the Blue Devils before DCI World Championships tomorrow night didn’t hurt either.

The chart below shows the combined rankings for all DCI corps competing in World Class Championships (international corps excluded).


Of note in the Open Class, Vanguard Cadets and Blue Devils B look to be in prime position to overtake a number of World Class corps, as they currently sit at 16th and 17th place respectively. Additionally, the five way log jam of Genesis, Spartans, Legends, 7th Regiment, and Music City appear to be in a position to place in front of Cascades and Surf, but anything is possible during championships week. Don’t be surprised if you see a finals week surge by a few World Class corps putting everything on the field one last time.

It is has been a fantastic season for drum corps. The intrigue from the top of World Class all the way to the new faces in Open Class has helped keep fans engaged in a summer without the fan network.


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