DCI Power List – Post Allentown

(Photo credit: The Cadets)

(Photo credit: The Cadets)

Blue Devils, Cadets, and Carolina Crown are separated by a hair’s breadth at the top of our DCI Power List after Allentown.

Keeping the Inferno raging, Carolina Crown secured another victory by topping the Blue Devils by a tenth of a point in Allentown (albeit on separate days). However, even after Crown’s strong week, the corps still sits in second in our rankings, and the spread between first and third is a mere seven one-hundredths of a point (yes, you read that correctly 0.07). And let’s not sleep on the Bluecoats either, who used an equally impressive week to half the distance between them and first; now sitting just under eight-tenths of a point back (0.783 to be precise). The “Bloooo Noise” are definitely within reach of a medal, and even the top spot. If you’ll recall, Bluecoats used a similar late-season surge in order to secure the corps’ highest finish ever and the silver medal at World Championships in 2014.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.29.20 AM
For the rest of the field, Allentown was a wash from a rankings standpoint. In fact, between fourth and sixteenth the only movement was between the Madison Scouts and The Cavaliers who flipped spots at eighth and ninth. The rankings in this segment of the list are so solidly in place that the only real question mark in World Class (aside from the top four and only if the scores continue to trend in the same way) is whether Boston or the Crossmen will finish in eleventh.


A bevy of Open Class shows have taken place during the past week, as groups in this class gear up for OC championships Tuesday night in Michigan City. The top two spots have been held by the same two corps all season, while third and fifth are separated by only a point.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.29.41 AM* denotes corps who have already completed their season

After taking several weeks off following the corps’ Open Class tour in California, Gold has returned and used a late-season push to jump six spots. The real treat for the Open Class corps (and for us as spectators) is the chance to see how they stack up against the “big boys” in World Class when they compete this week as a part of World Class championships.

Which OC corps will we see jumping WC groups this season? Our comprehensive rankings this Wednesday may shed some light on that. Stay tuned.

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