“Celebrities Doing Guard” may be the best thing to happen to WGI so far this year


What happens when a passionate fan combines their love of color guard and celebrities. Pure social media magic.

Guard Central, the alias of a social media maven who created a stir during the past 24 hours, posted photo mashups of celebrities and color guard performers to Instagram and Twitter. The result was a firestorm of retweets and reshares from WGI fans and guard lovers. The posts even solicited a tweet from the normally twitter silent Blake Lively to Taylor Swift.


Charles Gumbert selected for WGI Hall Of Fame


Charles Gumbert, director of the four-time WGI champion Pride of Cincinnati winter guard, has been selected for induction to the Winter Guard International Hall of Fame.

In a 2013 interview, Gumbert said the youth motivate him to stay involved in the activity. “That’s why we’re all here,” Gumbert said. “As director of Pride Of Cincinnati, one of the most important lessons I have learned is that thinking outside the box expands our reality. If it expands our reality, it also expands the reality of our youth. To a naive high school bass drummer from a rural farm community in southern Ohio, an organization like ours can be life changing. I know this because I was that kid. Now it’s [my] turn to pass it on and give back.”