Scholastic champion directors recap first winds season

Father Ryan High School performs at WGI Championships in Dayton, Ohio (Photo credit: Father Ryan Winds)

It’s one thing to create a new independent ensemble, but finding space in a packed high school program for a new winds group is something else entirely.

Between the jazz, concert, percussion, and marching ensembles present at many high school programs (not to mention pep band, winter guard, etc.), asking students to participate in yet another ensemble can be seem like asking someone to give up their first born child.

We caught up with Jereme Frey, director of Winds Scholastic World Champion Father Ryan High School, and Joshua Bishop, director of Wind Scholastic A Champion Nova High School, about the lessons they learned adding another ensemble to their high school programs.


Creating a championship ensemble: Rhythm X Winds CEO reflects on 2015 season


In 2014, Rhythm X Winds was just an idea on a piece of scratch paper. But thanks to the guidance of Rhythm X CEO Mike Scott, the ensemble not only materialized, but took gold at the 2015 WGI Championships.

Mike walked us through the process of getting a new ensemble off the ground and what lies in store for Rhythm X Winds in 2016 and beyond.


RCC takes gold, crowned 2015 WGI PIW Champions


It’s only fitting that RCC would leave the University of Dayton Arena tonight the same way it came in: undefeated. The ensemble was crowned the 2015 WGI PIW Champion with a score of 98.563, giving RCC Indoor its fifth world title overall.


You cannot go one more day without watching WGI Zone


On March 31, WGI launched a new video streaming service to radically change the way fans access performance videos. The free service certainly has not disappointed thus far, and after hours of … um … research, we can honestly say that this is probably the best thing to happen to the indoor activity since amplification was introduced.


IN DEPTH: 7 questions with Music City Mystique Designer & Program Coordinator Shane Gwaltney


Music City Mystique is one of the oldest ensembles in the WGI Percussion activity, having won seven WGI titles since its inception in 1995. Driving the innovation of the ensemble is designer and program director Shane Gwaltney.

We spoke with Shane to learn more about the inner workings of the ensemble and how their 2015 production “The Game” is coming together.