How Promark is saving the environment by cutting down trees

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In a partnership with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Promark is making a push to save the environment by cutting down trees.

That sounds counter intuitive, but according to a video released by the stick manufacturer, Promark is planting five trees for every one it cuts down to produce sticks and mallets.


Success Kid has had your back. Now, his dad needs your help.

(Image credit: Laney Griner)

You may not know him by his true name, but Sammy Griner has been there when you needed him most. The “Success Kid” first graced the interwebs almost eight years ago and many a marching meme emerged to help you express yourself when mere words were not enough.


True Blood actress Janina Gavankar remixes the music industry by “Just Adding Drum Corps”

Photo Credit: Jeong Park

Janina Gavankar is probably best known for her time on HBO’s acclaimed series True Blood, but the actress is taking the music world by storm as a performer and an advocate for music education after collaborating with the Jersey Surf Drum & Bugle Corps on a cover of Martin Garrix’s EDM single “Don’t Look Down” featuring Usher.


April Fools’ 2015: The best and worst pranks from the marching arts


Welcome to April first. It’s like Christmas day for dad jokes. A day when we can all wake up, fire up the interwebs, and do a collective facepalm at the barrage of cringe-worthy hoaxes and fake announcements conjured up by social media mavens across the country.

Below is the good, the bad, and the ugly of Marching Arts April Fools’ Day 2015.


“Celebrities Doing Guard” may be the best thing to happen to WGI so far this year


What happens when a passionate fan combines their love of color guard and celebrities. Pure social media magic.

Guard Central, the alias of a social media maven who created a stir during the past 24 hours, posted photo mashups of celebrities and color guard performers to Instagram and Twitter. The result was a firestorm of retweets and reshares from WGI fans and guard lovers. The posts even solicited a tweet from the normally twitter silent Blake Lively to Taylor Swift.


Programmer creates a “Rock Band” experience for those with chops

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If you’re like us, the standard drum kit that comes with a typical Rock Band set is more tedious than challenging. Luckily, a computer programmer from Ashland, Ore. may have finally created something worthy of all those chops you developed over the years.


This instrument blew up Kickstarter yesterday, but will it find a place in the activity?

Imagine a tuba played like a violin by using your iPhone as a bow and you've got a good idea of the Artiphon's potential.

The futuristic Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 made waves yesterday when it was launched on Kickstarter, shattering its original funding goal and pulling in well over $200,000 in less than 48 hours.

As a glorified synthesizer, it’s part guitar, part piano, part drum pad, part violin, part whatever you want it to be. What’s different about this instrument is all of the different ways one could “play” it with a variety of triggers and playing positions. It’s super cool, and definitely appeals to musical pioneers, but could it find a place in the marching arts?