DCI Power List – World Championships Primer


Carolina Crown regains the lead in our final DCI Power List, thanks to a strong show on Monday. A well timed rehearsal break by the Blue Devils before DCI World Championships tomorrow night didn’t hurt either.


DCI Power List – Post Allentown

(Photo credit: The Cadets)

Blue Devils, Cadets, and Carolina Crown are separated by a hair’s breadth at the top of our DCI Power List after Allentown.


DCI Power List – Week 6

(Photo credit: Carolina Crown)

Carolina Crown capped off a strong week by being the first corps not named “The Cadets” or “Blue Devils” to win DCI Southeastern in Atlanta since 2006. As the Inferno raged this past week, Crown has surged from third to second and less than one-tenth of a point out of first.


DCI Power List – Week 5

(Photo credit: Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps)

Last weekend’s showdown in San Antonio pitted all 22 World Class corps against each other for the first time this season and shed some light on what the last few weeks of the season may look like.


DCI Power List – Week 4


The first regional of the season last weekend in Minneapolis, coupled with a large show in Denver, helped shake up our DCI power list in week four.


DCI 2015: Drums Along the Rockies

Bluecoats drum major Willie Veenstra prepares to start the show at Drums Along the Rockies in Denver, CO on July 11, 2015. Photo Credit: Bluecoats

Ten of the world’s best drum & bugle corps descended on Sports Authority Field in Denver on Saturday for the 51st edition of Drums Along the Rockies. The show is run by Ascend Performing Arts, the parent organization of the Blue Knights, and has become a staple of the Drum Corps International summer tour.


DCI 2015: Corps Encore Review

The Blue Knights perform for the Corps Encore crowd at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, on July 8, 2015. Photo Credit: Blue Knights

On Wednesday evening, seven drum & bugle corps went head-to-head in Ogden, Utah, for the 2015 edition of Corps Encore. The show is run by Ascend Performing Arts, the parent organization of the Blue Knights, and was held at Stewart Stadium on the campus of Weber State University.

This is my review of the evening, and is simply that – my opinion. You may agree with what I say. You may not. Regardless, know that I hold all of the performers, instructors, and designers in the highest regard. This activity wouldn’t exist without them.


DCI Power List – Week 3


Another week on tour has led to a sizable shakeup in our DCI Power List. All 22 World Class corps have made their season debuts and clear lines have been drawn in the sand as a result.


DCI 2015: Welcome to July

Photo Credit: DCI.org

There’s a saying in the drum corps world: “Welcome to July. What was acceptable in June is longer acceptable.” The idea behind the saying is that performers should always be progressing, holding themselves to higher standards. A drum corps that isn’t getting better is not reaching its full potential. So, welcome to July.


DCI Power List – Week 2

(Photo Credit: Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps)

We’re 20 percent of the way through the season and as summer heats up, so too does the competition. This week’s power rankings were created by averaging the scores from the three most recent shows from each corps.