Still Standing: A story of personal and musical growth after losing a leg

Lopez stands with other sousaphone players of the Grizzly Marching Band during practice. (Photo credit: Bethany Blitz)

He marched across the field of the Washington-Grizzly Stadium with 35 pounds of silver-plated brass wrapped around his torso. Stepping with the heavy instrument was no easy feat for Noah Lopez, the University of Montana freshman who once thought he’d never be able to stand up again.


9 things we learned thanks to Jim Rome


During the wall-to-wall college football extravaganza on New Year’s Day, CBS Sports Radio host Jim Rome made the mistake of voicing his junior high perspective on the marching arts to the world. Though he later deleted it, his tweet didn’t go unnoticed:


OSU marching band pokes fun at Michigan in latest show


If you’re into college football, you know that few years have been more cruel to Michigan football fans than 2014. The Wolverines have lost three games in September for the first time ever in the school’s 135-year football history. Even ESPN’s Ryan McGee has the program listed in his Bottom 10.

So, of course, The Ohio State Marching Band did what any self-respecting rival band would do, use an incredibly well-designed and entertaining halftime show to kick Michigan while they’re down.